Investing in Gavekal

Investing in the AGOV ETF

Contact us about investment opportunities or you can invest:

  • By talking to your financial advisor about how investing in the AGOV ETF can help meet your financial objectives.
  • Through your online brokerage account with access to the New York Stock Exchange listings
Asian Bonds


The ETC Gavekal Asia Pacific Government Bond ETF invests in the government bond, quasi-government bonds, and inflation-linked bonds of all Asian countries. 

  • Developed Markets: Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Taiwan
  • Emerging Marketing: China Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia
  • Frontier Markets: Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Kazakhstan

As much as possible, the fund invests in bonds with maturities between six and 12 years. In some markets, finding long-dated paper is sometimes a challenge, in which case maturities may be shorter.

Why You Should Consider Allocating to An Asian Bond ETF

We believe that investors in Asian bonds are uniquely positioned for potential growth. 


China’s Focus on Strengthening Its Currency: We believe that all signs point to China attempting to establish a new monetary order without the US dollar.


Declining Global Valuations of Western Government Bonds: Meanwhile, in Asia, government bond markets by and large offer positive real rates.


Momentum & Following Capital: If capital leaves the US bond market for the Asian bond market, the US dollar will likely fall and the Asian currencies may rise.


Asian Currency Growth: Over the past twelve months, all Asian currencies outside of the Japanese Yen have outperformed the US dollar (Source: International Monetary Fund as of 5/5/2023).

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