ETC Gavekal Asia Pacific Government Bond ETF

The ETC Gavekal Asia Pacific Government Bond ETF (AGOV) seeks to provide absolute positive returns through investment in the government bonds of Asian countries, predominantly in local currencies. We believe that investors are well-positioned to the potential growth for the following reasons:

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US Inflation Concerns

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Positive Real Rates

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Asian Currency Exposure

A Case for Investing in Asian Bonds

US Treasuries are currently at near historic lows with the dollar showing potential signs of declining value all while inflation appears to be increasing. We believe that Asian government debt may provide an opportunity for investors to find increased total return as real yields are higher than that of most developed government bonds.

Likewise, we think that as China seeks to expand its influence on the global stage and transform the Renminbi (RMB) into an increasingly important trade and reserve currency. Investors could stand to gain from increased stability in multiple currencies across the Asia-Pacific region. This momentum seems to be occurring due to the convergence of the current political landscape and the global market environment. We believe the AGOV ETF could be a diversifier for investors.


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